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David Baer Attorney and Businessperson on The Best Cycling Gear

David Baer Attorney: Top 4 Bikes That Are the Future of Cycling

Read about the latest innovations in cycling gear with David Baer, an attorney, successful businessperson and owner of an entertainment company. He is an advocate of sports and fitness which helps him stay sharp in his line of work.

Some experts believe that cycling is the future of transport. While narrow streets and sweaty office shirts isn’t exactly the best way to illustrate the benefits of cycling, the latest and coolest innovations to hit cycling gear would at least have you looking like a stylish urbanite, says David Baer. An attorney that bikes to work sounds progressive, and these bikes are perfectly made for the cycling weekend warrior:

  1. Wilier Cento10NDR – With a track record spanning more than a hundred years, Wilier has done it again with the Cento10NDR. The three-letter acronym isn’t a random pick; its short for endurance, which this high-performance bike is all about, shares David Baer. An attorney like him with a full schedule can benefit from the extra comfort this bike provides. Cycling from one destination to another on this bike will be easy on the knees. Some of the features the Cento10NDR boast of are great brake control, a slim seat stay, and a synthetic rubber techno-polymer suspension called Actiflex.
  2. Pivot 10th Anniversary Edition Mach 5.5 Bike – One of the most popular bikes to hit the road, Pivot Cycle’s carbon trail bike celebrates a decade of cycling excellence with the Mach 5.5 — only 300 of these bikes will be sold worldwide! Boasting a beautiful carbon frame design, the Mach 5.5 takes all the best features of the Mach 4 and Mach 5 and makes them even better, shares David Baer. Any attorney, engineer, or professional for that matter, would surely enjoy biking weekend trails with this invention. Pedaling efficiency reaches new heights as this bike’s frame weight comes in at an astounding 5.2 lbs., or 2.35 kg.
  3. 3T Strada Bike – If budget isn’t a concern, the 3T Strada should be on any serious enthusiast’s list. Featuring thick tires on a single chainring, the 3T impresses with each push of the pedal. The bike itself looks and sounds ridiculous because of the 1×11 gearing and disc brakes, but nothing about this bike’s performance is. In fact, many of who have given this bike a spin are blown away by its smoothness and fine handling balance that they forget they aren’t on an endurance bike, shares David Baer. Available in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL), the 3T Strada is the aero road bike of choice when after unparalleled comfort and speed.

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